Tell Us How Many People You See in This Picture — One’s Really Tough to Find

Image puzzles are a lot of fun and a great mental exercise that can relieve stress while making your deductive skills a lot sharper. Deductive reasoning is something many younger folks don’t seem to be very good at these days. It’s not their fault. When you’ve grown up with palm-sized computers that can answer every question imaginable, it’s understandable that certain critical thinking skills will lag behind previous generations.

Thankfully, simple yet challenging image puzzles like this one can help people of all ages unlock their inner-Sherlock Holmes.

In this image[1], we sew a few people standing in line. Your task is to count the exact number of people in this picture.


Well, then. How about it? Do you think you have the correct answer? You may want to take a second look to make sure.

When you’re ready, scroll down to see if your answer’s correct!

The Correct Answer

Okay, here’s the correct answer.


The correct number of people in this image is seven.

In case you are stuck at six, here’s the 7th person most people miss.

Image Source: Timeless Life

It looks like big brother’s trying to sneak his little bro in without paying.

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