Terrifying Footage Shows Massive Wave Crashing Into A Cruise Ship As Passengers Are Looking Out

Most of us think about going on a cruise, we think about beautiful water, calm seas and floating peacefully from one island to another. There certainly is a lot of good that can be said about taking a cruise and enjoying a vacation in this way. The entire experience is relaxing and if you are interested in getting away from it all, it is one vacation that allows you to do so. Passengers sometimes get a surprise, however, and that is what happened for those who were on the Anthem of the Seas. They didn’t experience calm water and sunny skies, they experienced something that was closer to a nightmare.

As the boat was sailing along, it went right into the middle of a massive storm and the waves were rocking the ship back-and-forth. The winds eventually reached 120 miles an hour and the waves were 30 feet high. I can only imagine how nervous the passengers were on the ship at that time as the sea continued to push the ship around relentlessly. One thing is certain, everybody who was on the ship that day is going to remember it clearly for years to come. Some of the passengers were even filming the event to share with others.

One of the passengers on the ship was an entertainer that performed for the guests. He has seen some choppy waters in the past but he has never experienced anything close to this. As he and the other passengers with him watch the massive waves pound the side of the ship against their window, it’s hard to believe that they are actually on the third deck.

The sea was angry on that day and the men were nervous, to say the least. When we go on a cruise ship, we don’t expect things to be like this, we want it to be perfectly calm. The weather doesn’t always cooperate and sometimes we have a moment like this.

Some people who watch this video will find it to be alarming but when things like this occur, there really isn’t a need to worry. Analyzers have looked into the possibility of ships sinking in these types of situation. The real damage is what occurs inside the ship if the winds and waves continue.

It’s good to know that storms like this do not happen very often and you are not likely to experience it the next time you are on a cruise. If you do see these types of waves, however, you will marvel at how powerful they are and you will likely be thankful when they go away.

You can watch the waves for yourself in this video: