The Answer To This Question Seems Like A Slam Dunk, But Not So Fast.

The thing I love about certain puzzles is how they can really throw you for a loop. Puzzles are designed to make our brains work hard. Now, there are many different ways they can go about doing it. Some will use hidden images, while others may involve complicated words or math problems. The key is often paying close attention to the details. Now, some of my favorite puzzles are riddles, which uses words instead of images. However, these are by no means easier than image puzzles, as they’ve left plenty folks up at night trying to solve them. One such puzzle is this one, which really knocks folks for a loop when they find out the correct answer. Read the riddle below very closely and then to the next page to see if you’ve come up with the right answer.
If you haven’t guessed already, the correct answer is 2. You see, the first sentence specifically says that a couple (two people) went for a picnic. The number of children and grandchildren they have wasn’t relevant information. Please, be sure to share this brain teaser with your friends and family on Facebook.