The Grandson of Elvis Presley is Now an Adult and Folks Can’t Stop Talking About the Striking Resemblance

When it comes to the entertainment business, we know that most acts come and go. There’s a saying in the business, “Here today, gone tomorrow.” And for most this holds true, especially in the music business where artists have a much shorter shelf life than any other form of entertainment. Folks may all fall in love with one song and toast an artist one day, but very quickly, they can forget about the same artist once someone else comes along. Longevity in this business is very rare, and often it involves some declining level popularity. However, in the case of Elvis Presley, it would appear that his popularity has only grown over the years. Now, of course, when Elvis was alive and performing, he experienced his share of highs and lows in the business. And by the time he died on August 16, 1977, he wasn’t at the height of his popularity. However, over the years, his voice, persona, and style have defied the fickle laws of trends that hold most artist prisoner, and Elvis has transcended into a global phenom that continues to influence music generations after his death. One could even argue that when he became the face of Rock n Roll, his presence and music changed the world, or at the very least, America! Before Elvis, people were kept to very rigid standards on TV. When the young man from Tennessee appeared on the Ed Sullivan show on January 6, 1967, the network decided not to show the bottom half of his body due to the performer’s tendency to rock his hips! It’s fair to say that Elvis was the first to break that barrier, which no longer exists anywhere on TV. And when it comes to family, Elvis had only one child with his wife Priscilla, his daughter Lisa Marie Presley. However, she went on to have four children, one of which has grown into a fine young man. In fact, a lot of folks are saying that he greatly resembles his grandfather! His name is Benjamin Storm Keough Presley, and Elvis fans are just enchanted by how much he looks like his legendary grandfather. If you would like to see more photos of Elvis’ grandson, check out the video below.