The Rock Shared How He Gets a Massive Pump in His Arm Day Workout

The Rock Shared How He Gets a Massive Pump in

The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, always says that he is just inspired to be the person, who works harder than anyone else. Recently, he shared his way to getting huge arms in a new story on Instagram.


The entrepreneur, producer, and actor shared a clip showing him in his Iron Paradise doing his great, hard exercises with his arms. He said that the main thing is to do physical exercises to feel discomfort physically, which helps you to create “momentum” for almost one week ahead!


He wrote in the caption that no matter how tired you are, you have to build great momentum by performing hard exercises. He also added that one of the best places to be is to live in the ‘uncomfortable zone’, no matter what your aims are. You can have a productive week by setting your tone with intention strongly.


You can see in the video the great work ‘The Rock’ is doing in order to reach the uncomfortable zone, which is so important for him as it gives him the momentum for a week ahead. How GREAT he is!



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