Their Bike Got Stuck In An Electric Fence – Watching Them Try To Remove It Is Hilarious

One of the things that many of us enjoy in life is getting out and spending some time with friends and family doing something active. For some people, it may be going for a hike through the mountains and for others, it could be jumping on a bike and heading off across the countryside. If you are one of those individuals that enjoys taking your bike for a ride, you will appreciate what this group was doing. They were enjoying a nice ride in the country but unfortunately, one of them tried to go someplace that they shouldn’t have gone. Before they realized it, the bike had become impaled across an electric fence. What is the first thing you do when you finally figure out that an electric fence is now underneath your bike? You would drop the bike, of course! Unfortunately, that is what the bike owner did in this case and it left the entire group in a very precarious situation. The bike was not only sitting on top of the electric fence, it was now actually a part of the fence and the electricity was running through it. It was now up to the men to determine how they would get the bike off of the fence and in the end, it was a scene that is going to leave you laughing until you cry. Many people are probably wondering at this point what they would have done if they found themselves in the situation. If you follow the lead of these individuals, you would try to remove the bike with a few sticks, some swearing and a lot of laughing. In the end, it ended up working for them but not before they got zapped quite a few times.