There’s A Deep Secret Hiding In This Innocent Picture And Nobody Can Find It

Seeing more than meets the eye is a skill that most folks never fully develop. When we think of an observant person, most folks instantly think of the classic fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, who had almost a supernatural talent for spotting even the smallest details. Of course, we all can’t have this level of insight into the world around us, but we can improve our powers of observation bit by bit using a little exercise.

Best of all, these exercises are fun and challenging. There’s nothing quite like solving an image puzzle and watching with a big smile as your friends and family try to see what you found.

This puzzle’s been driving folks crazy all over the internet. It consists of two images of a sleeping little girl. While the scene looks perfectly normal, there are strange objects hiding in plain sight. Can you spot the secret objects?

Here’s picture 2.


Did you find the hidden objects? If you’re confident you did, see the answers below.

Okay, here’s the answer to the first image, did you find the hiding frog?

Now here’s the answer to number two. It looks like she forgot to put away her toothbrush.

Please be sure to pass these tricky puzzles along to your friends and family.