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There are more than 5 “T” in this puzzle. How many can you find?

Brain games like crossword puzzles, optical illusions, and Sudoku are some of the games that you can play to recharge after a hectic day or even when you take a quick break.
apart from the pleasure of playing it, mind games also can be a superb manner to educate your brain and support your memory.

So, why now not take a couple of minutes to resolve this puzzle and find as many “T” as you could.

it may appear easy at first glance but do no longer be tricked in a while as you will slowly be harassed via the 7s and the hidden Ts.

now not many human beings can locate all of the Ts on this photograph underneath 10 seconds however if you could locate all of it before the time is up, you certainly have amazing eyesight!

right here on this picture are several traces of the number seven with some Ts hidden in among them. recollect, do now not permit the 7s lie to you.


Your 10 seconds starts now!

Now that time is up, how did you find the puzzle? Did you manage to find all the hidden Ts?

Remember how many Ts you found in the image. If you found more than 5, congratulations, but there is actually more than 5 Ts.

Are you ready to know the answer?

Here, all the Ts have been marked in white. There are 9 Ts hidden in the image

Did you find all 9 Ts? Congratulations!