There is a Time Traveler in This Image of Prehistoric People. Can You Find Them?

I really enjoy puzzles that ask us to find what doesn’t belong in an image. These types of puzzles probably inspire many children who are destined to become future investigators because they require a sharp eye for detail. Puzzles like these may seem like they are child’s play, but they can also help adults maintain their mental acuity by exercising their analytical skills. Just like the body needs exercise, so does the brain.

In the first image below, there are a bunch of cave-dwelling prehistoric people. However, one of the happy-go-lucky knuckledraggers in this photo is not what they appear to be. Is this person a time traveler? Can you find them?

Image 1


Image 2


This graphic shows someone pouring a dark liquid into a contraption with several square channels that are connected by pipes. When you first look at it, it appears that the liquid will pour into all of the cups. But, look a little more closely.



Did you figure out what is going on?