There’s a Cat Hiding in This Picture of Stacked Wood That’s Driving Folks Nuts? Can You Find It?

Our brains are perhaps the most powerful computers in the world, capable of doing things most machines may never be able to do. For example, the very process through which we see images is nothing short of miraculous. Then there are our fine motor control skills. Our mind is able to move very small aspects of our body, such as our fingers, to do things such as express complex concepts or simply pick up a book. But getting back to our visual capabilities, we are able to see things objects in three dimensions, and some folks can even “guestimate” things like weight, height, width, and even depth by “eyeballing” the object or person. However, there are certain things that can fool our eyes and really make our brains work extra-hard. For instance, certain animals in nature have an inherent ability to camouflage themselves in ways that are nearly undetectable to the human eye. In this picture, there is a cat that is so perfectly hidden in this stack of wood that many people can never find it. However, if you trust your gut, you should be able to pick up this kitty with relative ease.
Did you find it?