There’s a Four Leaf Clover in this Field of Cute Piggies. Can You Find It?

One of my favorite types of puzzles as a kid were the ones with hidden images. I used to spend hours going through magazines with these images trying to discover all their secrets. For fun, my aunt would have my cousin, and I race to see who could solve the most puzzles in under a certain amount of time. Puzzles such as these really test your powers of observation as you look for something that stands out. This is can a very useful skill in the real world as it may allow you to spot danger or just an irregularity before anyone else can see it.

The image below portrays a field of cartoon pigs munching on a field of green clovers. Interestingly, clovers are heavily associated with Irish culture, with each leaf representing different positive things. For instance, one leaf represents hope, the second leaf is faith, the third leaf is love, and a fourth leaf represents good luck! And if you’re really lucky enough to find a fifth leaf clover, that represents money! However, we assure you there are no fifth leaf clovers in this puzzle. However, there is one clover that’s not like the rest. Do you think you find the four-leaf clover? Go for it!