This Cartoon Has Six Hidden Words Most Folks Can’t Find, Can You Do It?

One of the cool things about puzzles is that they are a fun way to really boost your brainpower. Not everything related to becoming more intelligent has to do with memorizing facts and figures. 

Indeed, learning how to think and notice small details is very important in our development. If you think about it, developing an eye for details is one of the things that allowed our ancestors to survive out in the wild thousands of years ago. They had to decern certain patterns and spot predators before it was too late. Those who mastered this are our ancestors, those who didn’t are just fossils. Now, take a good look at the image below. Hidden in this cartoon are six words that most folks cannot find. But, if you take your time, these words will jump out at you. The key is usually finding one letter. Give a shot.

Now, most folks, when they see the answers on the next page, either give themselves a high-five or a face-palm. If you think you have all the answers or just want to see where they all are hiding.