This Image Is Hiding a Double-Digit Number. Can You Find It?

If you’re like most people, you probably love a good optical illusion. In fact, if you opened this article to read, you’re probably one of us. I say "us” because those of us who love optical illusions have to stick together! They’re too much fun, aren’t they? But why do human beings love optical illusions? As it turns out, the human brain is tuned into learning new things, a cognitive scientist from MIT named Aude Oliva says. 

Basically, anything that is "new and surprising” is something we’re going to naturally like because it means we may learn something from it, Olva explains. This is a good quality to have. When you see something new, like a road that’s blocked or a fire, it’s a good thing if our brain pays attention to it. We want to add this info to our internal encyclopedias. Because of that tendency for our brains to get excited about new and exciting things, optical illusions are fun. In this image below, there is a double-digit number. Can you tell what number it is? Take a few seconds and allow your mind to do its magic. The quicker you see it, the quicker your mind is.
Did you find the number? If you haven’t seen it yet, try stepping back from the screen or leaning back in your chair and it should appear. If it doesn’t, scroll down for the answer. The hidden number is 17. If you found it, congrats!