This Is Why Cats Stink & How To Get Rid Of It

This Is Why Cats Stink & How To Get Rid Of It



It is known that cats love cleaning themselves by grooming their bodies as they are independent. However, interfering with your cat while grooming itself is not a good thing. But if bad smells are noticed coming from your feline friend, you will require to know the cause of these smells before trying to solve this problem.



Why may a cat smell?

There are some reasons why cats may smell such as being old, which means that their ability to clean themselves is not as good as it was when they were young. However, in this case, your veterinarian can give you the best way to get rid of the bad smell. You might be advised to groom and clean your cat yourself, which is the most proper solution.


Here are some probable reasons why cats get smelly:


Ear Infections

Ear infections usually come with a bad smell. The main reason for the yeast infections is an allergy or something related affects the ear’s normal functioning, which promotes the growth of yeast.

Foreign bodies, tumors, and polyps are the main reasons for bacterial ear infections, which usually cause to bad smells. Anyway, if you think that your cat’s ear is infected, you have to waste no time and take it to the veterinarian to be checked.


Skin Odor

Cats’ skin odor can be developed by many things including parasites, an allergy, a wound, or an underlying health problem. If you suspect that the bad smell of your cat is from its skin, take it directly to the vet to be checked.


Bad Breath

Your feline’s mouth will never have a bad smell if it’s healthy. Actually, the main cause of cat odor is dental disease. No matter whether it is loose teeth, gum inflammation, or plaque, there is something wrong if your cat’s breath has a bad smell.


There are some other causes of bad cat breath:

Liver disease


Kidney disease

Loose teeth

Gum or dental disease

Take tour cat to the veterinarian to be checked if it has bad breath.



How to stop your cat from smelling

The best thing you do if your cat has a bad smell due to ear, skin, or mouth condition, is to take it to your veterinarian to get the problem solved. Anyway, if your cat is old enough not to clean itself, you can help it by doing some things including:

Keep bedding clean

Occasional baths using cat conditioner and shampoo

Teeth cleaning

Regular brushing.



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