This Math Puzzle Designed for 7-Year-Olds Is Mystifying to Most Adults

This world features two types of humans, those who love math and those who hate it with a passion. If you asked most people, they would probably say they are in the "I hate math” camp. But, in truth, mathematics is engrained in our biology. 

We are making hundreds if not thousands or millions of mathematical calculations every step we take. The coordination of our movements is a series of equations. This holds especially true when we play sports or drive a vehicle. However, when solving math on paper, most of us are not naturals at it. Math has several rules that are nearly impossible for most folks to remember. That said, it’s always good to brush up on the basics every once in a while, as math is good for giving our brains the cognitive workout it needs to stay sharp. This is a math problem a 7-year-old came home to show his mom. The story went viral on Facebook as thousands of moms and dads debated the correct answer. See if you can figure out what has so many people stumped.

Do you think you’ve solved it? If so, scroll down, and let’s check your answer.
The answer to the problem is 45.5. While the school somewhat worded incorrectly, the answer should come out to 45.5 when the problems worked correctly. Here’s how the math works.
Thank you for playing. Please be so kind as to pass this puzzle onto your friends and family?