This Puzzle’s Driving Me Nuts. Seriously, Can Anyone Find the Yoda?

Find the BLANK puzzles are some of the most fun and frustrating you can play. These puzzles often hide hidden figures, sometimes in plain sight, and sometimes in such ways that you have to alter your perspective to find them. Sometimes you can do this by relaxing your eyes or just taking a break and doing something else for a few minutes. The wonderful thing about our minds is that they are always working hard, even if we are not actively engaged at the time. This puzzle is one of the craziest Jedi Mind Tricks I’ve ever come across. Somewhere in this sea of giraffes, is supposedly a hidden Yoda. However, for the life of me, I can’t find him! I’ve stared at this picture for hours, looking over every inch, and the Jedi still eludes me. Do you think you can find him? Give it a shot.  And if you’re ready to cry uncle (like I was), just click on the image below to see the answer.