Three Family Members Die Together In Freak Pool Accident Caught on Camera

A summer gathering recently turned tragic during a private pool party in New Jersey, after three family members were found dead in an above-ground swimming pool at a family home on Monday. The victims include a 32-year-old mother, her 8-year-old daughter, and the child’s 62-year-old grandfather, according to police. The family’s neighbors reportedly heard screaming coming from the backyard and called 911. Police arrived on the scene just after 4 pm to discover the bodies of the three victims. Friends, neighbors and family members were comforting each other and weeping at the scene as the ambulance began collecting the bodies.

According to the neighbors, the family had just moved into their new home and were very excited to make use of their brand new swimming pool, which had just been serviced. At first, police believed that the deaths might have been related to an electrical issue, given the bizarreness of the incident, which was captured on a home security camera. However, while there have been reports of deaths linked to electrical issues in swimming pools, these incidents are relatively rare. Since 2002, there have been 33 deaths involving electricity in pools. However, authorities are now saying that these family members were not electrocuted but rather, drowned.

NBC reports that according to sources, the 8-year-old was having trouble swimming in the deep end when two other family members jumped in to save her.

However, it’s being reported that both family members could not swim either.

The girl’s aunt eventually pulled the child out of the water; however, by then, it was too late.