Three Men Sing A ‘Girly’ Pop Tune, Then The Man On The Right Starts And My Mind Is Blown

When we hear a popular song, it tends to make us want to tap our feet and perhaps even sing along with it. Some of us confine our singing to the car or perhaps to the shower, but others will sing out loud, regardless of who happens to be listening. It is even seen in many popular songs because they are contagious and are covered by so many others. That is true of the song ‘All About That Bass’ and when you hear the right cover, you will love it even more. That was the case with these three men, who cover the song brilliantly. They are known as the Koi Boys, and they hail from New Zealand. They managed to make it onto The Voice Australia and they got their five minutes of fame. You may never have seen them before but after you see them perform and hear what they are able to do, you may never forget the performance. Like many performers, each of the three men in this group has their own particular talents. They bring those talents to the stage nicely and performed together in a way that is sure to make you smile. When they begin singing and break into a three-part harmony, however, the goosebumps are going to pop out on your arms like they haven’t done in many years. Don’t believe me? Just watch this video and listen to the sound. I bet you will be tapping your feet in no time: