Tiny Girl Prepares To Dance, Looks Up And Melts Hearts With Talent That Far Surpasses Her Age

If you spend any time watching the talent shows on TV, you have seen your fair share of talented individuals. These are people that just seem to have something to offer to the world and the talent shows give them the opportunity to offer it. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about Dancing with the Stars, America’s Got Talent or any similar show, we just continue to see one incredible performance after another. Every once in a while, however, somebody comes up on the screen that really takes us by surprise. That was the case with Ella Dobler, a four-year-old girl.

Even though she is a young child, she has something to share that is wonderful. In fact, she did so well while she was performing on stage that she was able to bring home first place in this competition. We may never have seen her before but now that we have seen her once, we are sure that we will continue to see her again. In this performance, she was dancing during the Rainbow National Dance Competition and her routine is better than you could ever imagine. The mother took a video and shared it with the world.

If you were to discuss Ella with anyone that knew her personally, you would know that she loved dance from the time she first heard music. All children seem to be able to sway to the rhythm from the time they can stand up but Ella took things to the next level. Everything that she did as far as dancing is concerned seemed very exciting.

As her talent continued to grow, the family realized that she needed dance lessons. You can see her at the age of four in this video competing on a national level. Some of the best child dancers from across the country were in this competition.

She danced to “Heaven on Earth” and from the moment she started to move, she had the audience in the palm of her hands.

It seems as if every move she makes is better than the last. This is something you don’t see often but you can tell why she was in first place.

Ella is still traveling across the country with her dance troupe, the New Level Dance Company. She even managed to win some impressive titles, including Regional Little Miss Step Up 2017 and Mini Miss Ruby Showbiz 2017.

Watch Ella perform the dance that won her the trophy in the video.