Treadmill Saves Man’s Life After Car Crashes Through Window At Gym

Most people attend the gym in order to become healthier by losing weight and building strength. These transformations can help increase a person’s quality of life.
Some people prefer to take classes, and others prefer to work out alone. Samuel Kiwasz is a 67-year-old who regularly attends his local gym in the small town of Culver City, California. As an early-riser, Samuel usually gets to the gym before 6 a.m. One morning, the retired instructor started walking on the treadmill when the unimaginable happened. A car drove through the wall of the gym. Samuel was minding his own business when the impact from the wreck threw him from the treadmill. After smashing through the window, the car hit Samuel’s treadmill. The 67-year-old was thrown into the wall.
The disoriented driver didn’t step on the breaks immediately, and the car continued to rush at Samuel. Fortunately, the treadmill took a majority of the damage from the wreck. Despite the understandable shock and trauma experienced from the event, Samuel wasn’t injured. He instinctively jumped on the ground to avoid the car and treadmill. The female driver stepped out of the car in a state of disbelief and confusion. The driver didn’t seem to comprehend the situation or even notice the man laying on the ground.
Instead of acknowledging the incident, the woman simply stepped back into her red SUV. Fortunately, there was a police offer working out that morning. He intervened to make sure the woman couldn’t get away. The entire incident was caught on security footage. Share this incredible story with your friends!