Triplet Mom Shares A Few Instagram Posts Showing Of Her Unbelievable Baby Bump

Maria Nordø Jørstad and her husband Anders both live in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. Back in 2018, when she became pregnant with triplets, the couple decided to start recording Maria’s pregnancy journey via a special Instagram account named “triplets_of_copenhagen. According to some statistics, the conceiving triplets naturally occur in one out of every 9,000 pregnancies.  Now, with fertility assistance, the likelihood goes down to about one out of every 40. And the rules are the same as they are with twins. Fraternal triplets or (tri-zygotic) are conceived when three eggs are released and fertilized by three different sperm. And as for identical triplets (or monozygotic), they occur when only one egg is released and fertilized. However, that egg then splits into two, then splits again. This, of course, is extremely rare. Now, things really get crazy when you have mixed triplets. One fraternal and two identical. This happens when two eggs are released, but only one of them splits after fertilization.  Maria and her husband already had a 2-year old son, who would soon have three new baby brothers! And when Maria shared pictures of her growing baby bump along with the ultrasound scans, folks were blown away. The young mom looked amazing throughout her entire pregnancy! If you would like to hear more about Maria’s incredible journey, check out the video below.