Trotting Horse Breaks Out Amazing Dance Moves To Music

What is your favorite type of animal? People are going to have different opinions and sometimes, they base it on the animal that may live in their home. At other times, people may talk about a majestic wild animal, such as a lion or an elephant. Although there really isn’t a wrong answer in this regard, there are certain animals that seem to deserve our respect more than any others. Included in that number are horses. Most of us probably think about them running through an open field or jumping a stream in the middle of a meadow. When you have the opportunity to see a horse up close and personal, it really shows you just how majestic these animals can be.

One of the sports that horses are involved in is dressage. The horses will dance and perform in front of an audience and they are judged according to their abilities, skill and grace. There are all kinds of sporting events for us to enjoy but when you see a horse and rider that are very skilled, there is nothing quite like it. In fact, watching a horse perform dressage flawlessly is something that all of us should do at least once in our lifetime.

According to EquiWorld, dressage is a high-stakes, high-level competition. A number of different factors are taken into consideration when judging dressage including paces, submission, impulsion and the effectiveness of the rider.

“It is the judge’s responsibility to give guidance to the rider to tell them if they have consolidated the horses correct training enough at the level required before advancing.”

They can perhaps best be illustrated by watching this rider and horse in the middle of an awesome routine. His name is Andreas Helgstrand and his horse is Blue Hors Matine. One thing that becomes obvious very quickly is the fact that they have practiced for countless hours in order to get to this level. The competition they are in is the WEG2006 freestyle dressage and they have managed to find themselves in the finals.

The amazing thing is, the music changes and the horse changes to go along with it. It’s incredible to see what the animal is capable of doing.

Some of the music is typical of a dressage routine and the choreography may look similar to other routines. For this routine, however, the music is entertaining and people love it.

When the horse puts on its best moves, the audience is thrilled. There are humans out there who can’t even dance this skillfully.

It’s difficult to describe the beauty of the horse, and the routine is a favorite among the judges. At the end of the performance, the crowd shows their appreciation for what they have seen.

You can see the dressage routine in this video: