Trying to Find the Hidden Dog In This Picture Is Driving People Bananas. Can You Find It?

There’s a saying, "Seeing is believing.” However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes what our eyes think they see turns out to be something completely different. It’s this fact that allows magic to work on folks; they are so sure about what they are seeing that they miss the subtle clues telling them otherwise. 

Magic all about getting eyes to follow one thing while the magician is doing something else. And they have all kinds of clever ways to distract us, such as using their hands, their voice, and even telling us what to look at. However, when it comes to pictures, artists can really mess with our heads by creating pictures with hidden images. Sometimes they are buried inside the picture while other times, it takes a little outside-the-box thinking to see it. And no matter how long it takes to find it, you always see it right away from then on. The cartoonist who drew this drawing created a hidden image that most people never find. You see, a lot of folks see an old man, but when you take a closer look, you can see that there is a dog in the picture. However, you have to look closely. Do you see it