Two Actors Killed And 6 Other Injuries In Car Accident Near A Set For Netflix Show

Mexico — a van flipped on a street after getting crashed during the set of The Chosen One by Netflix, which left 6 crew members injured and 2 actors dead!


We do not have much information about the series as Netflix does its best to keep its productions under wraps. There is no reliable source about the language of the series, some say it is in English, while some others believe it is in Spanish as it is being filmed in Mexico. Furthermore, an independent company, that its name is not known to the public, is producing the series.

While driving on an empty road, a van crashed and flipped leaving 6 crew members injured and 2 cast members dead from the crew and the cast of the series, according to Deadline. Despite not being announced yet, some sources believed that the dead persons are 2 Mexican actors Juan Francisco González Aguilar and Raymundo Garduño Cruz. However, there is no clear information about the injured members or their health conditions.

The stunt work or actual filming of the series has nothing to do with the incident. It possibly happened while the crew and cast were being moved from or to set. Anyway, Netflix has not confirmed any names yet.


Stronger safety protocols on sets have been increasingly taken as these incidents happen from time to time. Furthermore, safety procedures have become a hot-button issue more and more because of the accidental shooting of Halyna Hutchins, Rust cinematographer, and a stunt person who died during the filming of Deadpool 2.



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