Two Guys Start Break Dancing to ‘Uptown Funk,’ Before You Know It A Flash Mob Situation’s Going Down

If there’s one thing the internet brought us aside from an endless number of cute dog, kitten, and baby videos, it’s the introduction of tons of amateur “social experiments.” Often these experiments may involve a hidden camera crew filming people’s relations to someone’s behavior. Some of these videos are pretty hilarious, while others can be quite heartbreaking. However, one social experiment that we love to watch is the “Flash Mom” phenomenon. Flash Moms usually involve folks either playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, or even all three at the same time! These stunts often utilize dozens of folks who pretend to be random passersby, while one or more people start off the routine.

As folks begin to gather, other members of the flash mob join in from the crowd, and before you know it, people are watching with their mouths hanging wide open as 50 or so dancers are performing right before their eyes. One such performance took place at the harbor foreshore located in Sydney, Australia. Now, there are lots of flash mob videos out there on the internet, but this by far has to be one of the very best. The video starts off as folks are going about their day, enjoy the beautiful weather outside. The next thing you know, someone starts playing Bruno Mars’, Uptown Funk.

Then suddenly, two young men start a breakdance battle out of the blue.

As they exchange moves, folks continue walking by, checking out the unusual display.

But then, a small group walks in behind the dancers as they take off in different directions.

The small group begins performing a tightly coordinated routine much to the bemusement of the folks on the boardwalk.

However, they are soon joined by more and more dancers as the group expands into a full-blown flash mob!

At one point the large group even breaks off into three groups.

Watch the action unfold in the video.