Two Sisters Killed In Horrific Freak Accident After Bricks Fell On Them While Laying In Backyard Hammock

Some tragedies in life are inexplicable. Incidents so random and strange that they can shake your faith, leaving you to wonder, “why?” When terrible things happen to good people out of the blue, we begin to question if there such a thing as justice. It seems so unfair, especially when these things happen to young lives, who’ve yet to experience a quarter of their lifetime. Recently, a 12-year-old and her 14-year-old sister were tragically killed after they were crushed by falling bricks while lying in their backyard hammock. Chasey and Scout Scaravilli, from Ohio, were both relaxing in their family’s hammock at their home in Cleveland Heights when the freak accident took place. The two sisters died when a brick pillar suddenly collapsed and crushed them, Fox 8 Cleveland reports. The hammock was attached to the pillar and a tree. The girls were rushed dot a local hospital; however, they were pronounced dead only a few hours later, according to the station. The principal of the school, where both sisters attended, said that all the students and faculty are deeply saddened by the loss of these two young lives.
“They will be greatly missed by so many friends, classmates, and teachers. “Our thoughts and prayers are dedicated to their family,” she added.
Police are currently investigating the incident. May you both rest in peace, Chassey, and Scout. And our prayers go out to the Scarvalli family during their time of grief. Here’s a video of the memorial held by their community.