Two Year Old Baby Hears His Favorite Elvis Song And Start Dancing And The Entire Crowd Is Cracking Up

here are many things that we may appreciate in life but something that seems to be universal is music. I think everybody enjoys it to a certain extent but some people enjoy it 24 hours a day and they have it turned on anytime they have the chance. Of course, each song that you hear is going to be different. Some of them may make you want to dance like nobody’s watching and others would not make you dance in public but they certainly would make you tap your foot. It is also something that is universal as far as age is concerned.

When children hear music, something absolutely magical happens. From the time they are very young, it seems as if they are able to move to the music in a wonderful way. It is easy to see when you look at this little boy from Denmark. He was at a party and there was a video being taken. It captured him doing something that made him a viral sensation online. They played his favorite Elvis song and the two-year-old boy started dancing to the music. They even named the dance the William Dance Shoe, so his viral nature is likely to stick around for a while.

The young boy and his parents say that he has been doing this dance for quite some time. His parents also own a shoe company for toddlers, known as The William. They provide comfortable shoes with a unique fit.

His parents are also Latin dancers and world champions. Funny how these things run in the family. William probably spent a lot of time watching his parents dancing so he picked up some of the moves as he went along. You can watch him and his moves in the unforgettable video.