Unemployed Parents of 3 Kids Live on Benefits, Want the Government to Provide a 3-Bedroom Home

Let’s start off first by saying that there are many people in the world who need assistance. The reasons can vary, whether it’s because they have a disability, are single parents, elderly people, or any number of other reasons. Sometimes even the most able-bodied person can go through a difficult time and need help getting back on their feet, especially in times like we’re living in right now. No decent people would begrudge assistance to people who need it. However, I think we can all agree that if someone can work to provide for their family, they should. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s a matter of self-respect as well. There are people out there who give government programs and the people who need them a bad name by making unrealistic demands on the system and expecting the government to finance their endless needs and unconventional lifestyles. Allow us to introduce you to Matt and Adele Allen, who are the perfect examples of entitlement abusers. The Allens have an unconventional lifestyle and an interesting belief system that has them believing that they’re entitled to taxpayer dollars along with free government housing. Why do they think this, you ask? They say that since they don’t have an extravagant lifestyle, the government should finance it. Here’s the thing: the Allens don’t work and they don’t want to. In fact, Matt unabashedly says that he has “no intention of spending 45-50 hours a week working” because it’s not in his “psyche.” The Allens refuse modern medicine, traditional schooling, and Adele still allows her five-year-old son to breastfeed if he wants to. She has the idea that breastfeeding is a substitute for medical care and can fix most problems. Adele wants all of her children to be treated at home for anything that goes wrong with their health. However, she concedes that if there’s ever an incident that she can’t handle, she would consider bringing in professional help. The fact is that this family seems like nice people. They’re likable and they obviously love their children and all of this will be apparent when you watch the video below. A lot of folks just feel that a man should pull his own weight in society.