UPS Driver Helps Save Woman Being Held Captive After Seeing ‘Call 911’ Scribbled On Package

Domestic bliss, while a lovely concept, isn’t evident in most homes.

The notion rings deafeningly true for James and his wife, an unhappily married couple living in Robertsville, Missouri.

Two and a half years ago, a UPS driver arrived at their home to retrieve a package someone had scheduled a pick up for.

Unbeknownst to the UPS driver, the woman handing him the box was in immense distress.

Behind the scenes, and what the UPS driver couldn’t see, the woman was being held at gunpoint. This woman was James’ wife.

Upon accepting the package, the UPS driver noticed a cryptic message etched on the box.

It read “call 911.” The UPS driver sprung into action, immediately contacting the authorities.

A SWAT team was notified and came running to the woman’s rescue.

They soon discovered that James had been holding his wife and three-year-old son hostage for 15 hours.

The toddler was deprived of basic necessities, forcing the wife to devise a clever solution to their horrific problem.

Thanks to the delivery driver, her prayers were soon answered.

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