Watch Adele and Bruno Mars Stun Ellen’s Audience with Stirring Mashup of ‘All I Ask’

When it comes to musical divas in the modern era, few outshine the magnificent Adele, born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. The thing is, though, Adele doesn’t behave like your typical diva. She’s refreshingly humble. For someone who shot to fame very quickly after releasing her debut album, she’s a lady who should understandably be very proud of her accomplishments. There’s rarely such a thing as an overnight success, but in Adele’s case, it comes close to being true. She spent many years honing her craft, but her debut album was certified in the U.K. at eight times platinum, then she rocked it over here in the U.S., with the album going platinum three times.  She’s just that good, and her music is just that excellent. Peter Gene Hernandez is someone you probably know by the name of Bruno Mars. Bruno is an American songwriter, singer, dancer, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist. His stage performance can be described as retro showmanship, and he performs in a wide variety of musical styles that include R&B, Pop, funk, reggae, soul, rock, and even hip hop. The crazy thing is that he was dropped by Motown Records, only to be picked up by Atlantic Records in 2009. The laugh’s on Motown in this case, because Bruno went on to win numerous awards, including 12 coveted Grammy Awards, nine American Music Awards, three BRIT Awards, and have even broken four Guinness World Records. One of Adele’s most beautiful songs is “All I Ask,” which was written by Adele with some help from Bruno Mars, Christopher Brody Brown, and Phillip Lawrence. “All I Ask” describes a woman who is looking for one more night with her partner before they break up for good. A heartbreaking song that most people can relate to on some level. Although it wasn’t as big a hit as some of her other songs, it remains one of the most heart-wrenching she’s ever written. Here’s a fun fact: Adele and Bruno argued over one line in the song because it contained the word “lovers.” In this video, Adele and Bruno team up to sing the song they wrote together. Watch this talented duo perform a passionate rendition of an epic ballad below.