We Challenge You To Find the Mistake in 10 Seconds or Less

While pressure isn’t always the most pleasant feeling, it can drive us to perform our best. Have you ever faced a deadline and found yourself working harder and faster than you normally would to meet it? Learning how to operate more efficiently under pressure is a priceless skill that can take you pretty far in life. Plus, those who are really good can thrive in a sea of chaos while remaining calm within. 

Simple timed exercises can help you cultivate this skill. In this challenge, you must spot the mistake in this image in ten seconds or less. Can you do it? Let’s find out! Okay, start your timer. And…Go!

Image Source: Timeless Life

We see a woman’s hand with two gold rings on her middle finger in the image. She’s also wearing a gold watch with black straps on her wrist. At first glance, nothing seems out of the ordinary. 

But looking more closely, there should be something that doesn’t quite sit right with your sense of normalcy. Okay, let’s take a look and see the correct answer.


Scroll Down

Image Source: Timeless Life

The answer is that the winder is on the wrong side!

Image Source: Timeless Life

How long did it take you to see it? Thanks for playing. Please be so kind as to pass this challenge along to your friends and family?