We Still Love The Fun And Whimsical Roller Skate Song ‘Brand New Key’ By Melanie Schekeryk

There are some songs that we’ve not heard in forever that just bring back all kinds of fond memories of our youth. One such song is “Brand New Key” by the artist known as Melanie (whose real name is Melanie Safka).  However, the song is more commonly referred to as “the rollerskate song” because of its insanely catchy chorus. When it was released in 1971, the song shot up to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in December as well as January 1972. Billboard also ranked it as the number nine song of 1972. When we talk about “one-hit wonders,” this artist qualifies in many ways. However, it’s not because she didn’t have the talent to become much more prominent. I must confess that after hearing the song again after a few years, I’m surprised she’s not gone on to earn greater acclaim for her singing talent. The thing I like the most about her singing is the sweet and simple whimsy in her voice. It takes you back to those songs you used to hear in the 20s and 30s, that had much of the same sense of playfulness. And believe it or not, the song did create a bit of controversy at the time because of the Freudian symbolism inherent in the lyrics. But, as Melanie once said, an artist puts a song out into the world like a newborn baby; after that, it’s up to people to make of it what they will. Many people would be surprised to learn that she had released 42 albums since 1968, and at age 72 is still very much an active musician. However, it seems that she’s fated to be a one those esoteric artists that many folks wouldn’t recognize by name. However, her hit continues to live on in our hearts as a simple, fun melody that will always remind of simpler and perhaps happier times. You can enjoy her live performance of ‘Brand New Key’ in the video below.