What Do You See First? Tell Me And I’ll Reveal Your Personality

I think that all of us would agree that it’s good to know a little bit about yourself. Sometimes, we might even have to ask others to help us learn what we should know.

That is the case with a personality test. There are many of them online, and each of them can reveal something unique about you. That includes the following test that is simple to take.

The reason why personality tests work online is because of your subconscious. You tend to make choices without really thinking about it but it is what is happening behind the scenes that really drives the choices that you make.

For example, take a look at the following picture and tell me what you see first. Depending upon what you see, it will reveal something about your personality.

Results Below:

Trees: If you saw the trees first, then you are probably an extroverted individual that is known for being polite. Even though you are nice to others, you aren’t a pushover and if somebody tries to take advantage of you, you will let them know about it. You value the opinions of others and you tend to gather acquaintances but not many friends.

Roots: For those who saw the roots first, you tend to keep to yourself. Most people would describe you as being introverted but that isn’t completely bad. As a result of your introverted nature, you don’t mind some constructive criticism coming your way and you will often use it to your advantage. You also tend to have some very close friends in your life.

Lips: Did you see the lips first? You tend to lead a simple life that is quiet and most of it takes place behind the scenes. You are known for your manners and your ability to be flexible when life isn’t treating you as it should. You like being in relationships but if they get too complicated, you tend to look for the exit door.