What To Do If Your Dog’s Teeth Are Worn Down

What To Do If Your Dog’s Teeth Are Worn Down



Because dogs just keep chewing everything they face like food, toys, bones, and many other things, they’re very tough on their teeth. Unfortunately, this affects their teeth badly by starting showing tear and wear as they get older. However, wear can be sometimes very extreme which leads to attrition, the teeth’s top layer has an abnormal loss.


The incisors are the most common teeth of dogs the attrition effects. The tooth’s root (or pulp) can become exposed when it wears down. The body of the dog creates dentin, a protective layer, to cover the root to prevent the tooth from being exposed. That’s why a dark spot appears in the tooth’s middle.

What To Do If Your Dog's Teeth Are Worn Down

What To Do If Your Dog’s Teeth Are Worn Down



When your dog smiles, you’ll probably notice the tear and wear of his teeth if he suffers from serious worn teeth. Also, the worn tooth sometimes leads to pain.



If a tooth gets downed by worn, your dog might not get severe health issues, but they are susceptible to some other serious oral conditions. A regular exam for your dog’s oral and routine-vet visits are really important to prevent issues such as stomatitis, periodontal disease, oral tumors, broken teeth, and other problems. Actually, around 80 percent of dogs have periodontal issues when they are 5 years and above.


How To Prevent It

Attrition has no prevention, which is very unfortunate! Your vet can be able to be aware of your dog’s oral problems with your regular visits and routine exams for your dog’s mouth.


Finally, your dog is not just an animal, he is a family, so, you have to make sure to give him the best care you can including taking him to the vet and making routine exams for his mouth and teeth to prevent any problems that may lead to serious issues.



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