What You Notice First Offers Profound Insights Into Your Current Problems

A simple image test can lead to some very deep insights into how our inner minds work. By simply noticing something first when we look at any image, we are sending out clues as to what’s troubling us right now. It may sound a bit far-fetched, but many people believe this claim is credible. As you know, our minds are divided between the conscious and subconscious, and most of our thoughts and feelings lie within the latter.

Take a quick look at the image below and take note of what you notice first.

Image Source: Timeless Life

You First Noticed the Panthers

Image Source: Timeless Life

If you first spotted the panthers, the main cause of your stress involves your personal relationship. You are feeling as though you are losing a special connection with your partner, and sometimes you’re not certain what the future has in store or where the relationship is headed. [1]

But, worry not. Try bringing back the fond memories of how you first felt when you both began your relationship, and perhaps that is all you’ll need to open up and discuss whatever’s bothering you with your partner. Communication can often clear up a lot of issues.

You First Noticed the Lions

Image Source: Timeless Life

Seeing the lions first indicates you have been struggling to carry a heavy load of responsibilities for a very long time now. You are also used to tending to everything and taking care of the needs of everyone at the expense of forgetting about yourself.

Your friend and family might think you’re very tough and dependable, someone who can handle everything life throws their way, but you always feel you are on edge, and any small thing could be the last straw.

You should know there is nothing wrong with being a bit selfish from time to time, and maybe by spoiling yourself a little, you may feel renewed and energized.

You First Noticed the Zebras

Image Source: Timeless Life

If you first saw the zebras, your biggest worry involves your health or health issues affecting a friend or family member. Worrying about your health a little can be very healthy, as you may feel encouraged to make positive changes in your lifestyle. However, too much worry over health can lead to increased anxiety, leading to more serious health issues down the road.

There isn’t any point in allowing yourself to worry about things you can’t change or control. Just try to live as healthy as you can and enjoy life while you have it.

You First Noticed the Giraffes

Image Source: Timeless Life

If you first saw the giraffes, then you are worried about your job and feel insecure financially. Sadly, these days, many people are dealing with long-term pressure at work. And whenever there’s an economic slow down, this stress becomes even greater as the job market tightens.

One way you can stay ahead of the changing economic climate is to constantly educate yourself on your industry’s latest technologies and practices. Do some extra work by attaining certifications in your field and continuously seek to improve your resume.

You First Noticed the Bluebird

Image Source: Timeless Life

The bluebirds indicate that you are feeling a bit lost and lonely. Most of us only connect via emails, texting, and sharing pictures in today’s society. While this can be fun, there are also people so used to communicating virtually that they no longer feel comfortable talking to flesh and blood human beings.

If you’re stuck in this rut, just know you’re not alone, and finding others who share your interest which whom you can socialize in person can help you come out of your shell a bit.

You First Noticed the Birds

Image Source: Timeless Life

By spotting the two birds first, you are also feeling lonely. You wish to talk to someone about how you think but don’t feel comfortable because you’re not very confident. Don’t allow your feelings to build pressure while bottled up inside you. Trust your friends and family to share some of your burdon. While you’ve always been a very independent-minded person, it’s healthy every once in a while to admit to those who love you that you are “not okay.”

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