Whether You See Man Outside or Inside His Home Says A lot About Your Personality

My wife absolutely loves dragging me over to take personality tests. Although I have to admit, they are a lot of fun. I still have to grumble a bit (got to keep up appearances after all).

It’s interesting how close many of them come to judge your personality. While many tests tend to be pretty general and nonspecific, some can make the hair on the back of your arms stand up!

Personality tests are not a recent thing. They actually date all the way back to ancient Greece, when the physician Hippocrates (the man who the Hippocratic Oath is named after) theorized that human beings have four distinct personality types. He claimed that while each type was unique, they could sometimes overlap. Many believe this is proof that personality tests have been around for quite some time.

Now, the test below is one of the more intriguing I’ve come across. It’s proof that even simple images can reveal deep insights into our personalities.

Take a look at the man seated at a table in this image. Is he sitting inside or outside of his home, or both?


Answer: He’s Sitting Inside His Home

If you see the man as sitting inside his home, then you most likely dislike conflict and seek to avoid it at all costs. In fact, likely, you would rather totally avoid an unpleasant conversation rather than argue with them. Now mind you, this doesn’t mean you’re not a courageous person. You’ll readily get involved if you think you can resolve a conflict between two people. Your personality is that of a peacekeeper, not someone looking for conflict.

Answer: He’s Sitting Outside His Home

If you see the man as sitting outside, then you are someone who can appreciate honesty and strong character. You are also a daring person who’s not afraid to speak your mind about anything. Sometimes this can get you in a spot of trouble. You likely have to work very hard not to allow other people’s opinions or ideas to sway you. You like keeping a clear conscience. You really don’t see the "grey areas” in life. Things are pretty black and white in your worldview, and you always go with your gut instinct or follow your heart in most matters.

Answer: He’s Sitting Both Inside and Outside His Home

If you see the man as sitting both inside and outside of his home, then this means that you are an incredibly creative individual who enjoys doing your own thing in life. You tend to rise from the ashes and be reborn like a phoenix to find your way around or through tough situations. And if given a choice between taking the hard or easy road, you’ll likely take the hard road because you do not enjoy mediocrity. You have a sharp mind and often use it to make a real difference in the world.

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