Whichever Animal You See First Says Everything About You

Puzzles are a lot of fun, but they also serve other purposes. For one thing, they can teach us a lot about not only the world around us but also the world within us. Whether you do a puzzle to kill some time or you’re trying to find out what your true personality type is, one thing is for sure: puzzles are fun. They also keep us sharper. Science has shown that if we do puzzles, it actually helps our brains to remain active and to grow. For children, puzzles like “Where’s Waldo” can teach them critical thinking skills. One of the most basic skills that kids (and adults0 need for reading readiness involves strengthening the visual realm.

One way to strengthen the visual realm is to scan for words, sentences, and objects in an image. It seems obvious, so as humans, we tend to take it for granted. However, the fact is that this skill isn’t demanded in everyday life, so kids tend to not develop that skill. That’s why it’s great to look for “hidden” items in photos or images like “Where’s Waldo,” or in the image below. It helps you develop your visual skills. Here’s a fun fact about “Where’s Waldo.” You can even find Waldo on Google Earth. In 2008, Canadian artist Melanie Coles crafted a viral game called “Where on Earth is Waldo?” when she painted Waldo as a 55-foot rendition on a Vancouver rooftop. Coles encourages people to find Waldo on Google Earth and even includes PDF instructions for people who want to create their own Waldo in other countries. How cool is that?

In the image below, there are several different animals. Glance at the image quickly and determine which animal you see first. Try not to overthink it.

So which animal do you see? Once you’ve identified your animal, find it in the list below to see your personality type.

1. Koala

If you saw the Koala first, you’re adorable and cute. You have a tendency to be kind and sweet, and also very fun. You probably get along very well with other people. Koala-folks find pleasure in the small things in life, and you take time to smell the roses and find happiness.

2. Giraffe

Did you see the giraffe first? If so, you’re a person who enjoys living a simple life. You probably spend a lot of your time dreaming of reaching out for something greater and thinking about the good things to come. With that said, you still keep your feet firmly on the ground at all times. If you’re a giraffe, you have characteristics that include modesty and humility, and most importantly, you tend to think first of others before yourself.

3. Elephant

People who see the elephant first have a “larger-than-life” personality. Though a kindly person, you’re probably driven to succeed and may have been described as a Type-A personality at times. You have a mixture of humility and greatness in your personality, meaning that you’re strong but reluctant to flaunt your strengths to other people.

4. Pig

If you saw the pig first, you’re a person who is sharp and adaptable. When you have this personality, you can switch from one thing to another quickly and easily as the situation requires. You typically know what you want to get out of life and you know exactly how to go after it. Some people may think you’re shrewd, but it’s actually more of a matter of being skilled and intelligent.

5. Duck

People who see the duck first in this drawing are usually calm people who are composed on the surface but may be paddling like crazy underneath. Think about a duck that is swimming on the surface of a lake or pond. You can’t see how fast his feet are moving underneath the water. By the same token, other people can not necessarily see your depths and what is going on und3erneath your surface. However, on the outside, you appear to realize that the world is a beautiful place.

6. Cat

If you’re a survivor, you probably saw the cat first in this drawing. A survivor will do whatever it takes to survive, and you have killer instincts and are a fighter. Survivors don’t care what others think and say about them. If you’re a survivor, you do your own thing and you’re talented enough to be successful at whatever you decide to do.

7. Owl

Owls are wise, powerful, and calm, and if you saw the owl first in this drawing, so are you. You tend to take your time and pick your battles wisely. However, once you’ve chosen a battle, you tend to act swiftly. Also, you let your wisdom guide you throughout your life. Usually, you can see what other people are all about and that gives you an advantage in many situations.

8. Bear

Did you see the bear first? If so, you’re probably powerful and protective of both yourself and those you love. However, you have a gentle and warm side that you reserve for those who are closest to you. When you see danger approaching, you aren’t afraid to stand up to it and do what needs to be done. You recognize the strengths of others and the strengths that you yourself have, but you don’t force yourself on others. You tend to keep to mind your own business and keep to yourself unless you’re provoked.