Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

Why Do Cats Like Boxes?



Many cat owners wonder why their cats are interested in cardboard boxes! Actually, cats are not even interested in an awesome new toy they just get, but they just want to play with its box! So, why do you think cats like boxes? Continue reading to know the real reason.

Why Do Cats Like Boxes

Why Do Cats Like Boxes

There is no doubt that the most things cats like in this world are boxes! They do not even like toys as much as boxes! The truth is that this fact leaves cat owners confused, and they just want to know why cats like boxes.


Why do cats like cardboard boxes?

Being confined and enclosed spaces is the major reason why cats like cardboard boxes! Cats are among the animals who love to feel safe and warm and hide before hunting. From their point of view, boxes give them these things.


Cardboard boxes help them to adapt:

Cats, who do not have cardboard boxes, do not have the ability to recover in a fast way in new environments and adapt to them as much as cats, who have boxes, according to studies by the University of Utrecht.


Boxes are safe:

Cardboard boxes are enclosed spaces, which give cats comfort and safety, that’s what cats ask for. Cats also like boxes as they give them the ability to hide from predators. However, in boxes, cats can always be ready for any intruder like prey, people, or pets.

Why Do Cats Like Boxes

Why Do Cats Like Boxes

Cardboard is a great insulator:

Cats also like boxes as they are great and warm. Boxes offer cats warm, comfortable places to relax, and they really like that. Inside boxes, the temperature is 98.6° F, which is great for them.


Cats are just curious:

Curiosity is among the top features of cats, which means that they start investigating when they face anything new. So, it is not strange for them to start investigating the new cardboard boxes from the inside as they want to find new things!


Some other reasons include a great spot to sleep as they sleep almost 3/4 of their day, boxes reduce stress as they are safe zones for cats, cats also use boxes to hide while they are waiting for their prey, and being perfect to bite and scratch because of their texture.



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