Wife Calls Husband About ‘Man at the Door’ Who’d Been Watching Their Wheel-Chair Bound Daughter

At first, a mom who was home alone was concerned when a man pulled up to her home in a massive truck. She’d never seen this man in her life, and he was knocking on her door. Every day most of us go through life not realizing how lucky we are. Many of us take so many things for granted, something we’ve done our entire lives, never thinking about the people who are not as fortunate. One girl in North Carolina understood all too well what it was like to struggle with everyday tasks most people take for granted. She had difficulties even getting into her home for years and always needed help. Thankfully, someone was watching her struggle, and one Christmas, decided it was time to do something to help. In High Point, North Carolina, a teenage girl was given a heartwarming gift from a stranger after the kindly good samaritan noticed her one day as he was driving by. Anthony Belton and his daughter, Almay, have a routine. When she comes home from school, he always meets her outset to help her get into the house. Almay is a wheelchair user, and the stairs to their home are not accessible enough for her to navigate independently. It’s a huge inconvenience, which irritated the independent-minded teen to no end! Like any teen, Almay wanted to be as independent as possible. But with stars leading to her home, this was not easy. But then, a total stranger saw her getting off the bus one day, which set forth a chain of events she never saw coming. As Almay’s mom looked through the keyhole, she could see a strange man waiting patiently after knocking on her door. What on earth could this man want, she wondered? After she reluctantly answered the door, the man soon introduced himself as Joe Hill. The man also had his massive truck parked in front of her home. It turns out that Hill owns Premier Waterproofing and happened to be in the area one day doing some work when he noticed her daughter at the bus stop. After he saw her situation, he felled the need to do something to help out. At first, she thought the man had to be joking. But, as they later learned, he wasn’t. The following Monday, Hill showed up at their residence with a crew and began building a handicap ramp for Almay! And after the job was done, true to his word, he didn’t charge the teen’s parents a penny! For Belton and his wife, they were shocked. They never expected that people would behave this way in real life! While he was feeling overwhelmed, the look of joy on his daughter’s face as she was finally able to roll her wheelchair up to their front door was everything a dad could want. It seems there are still people in the world who care about total strangers and are willing to do extraordinary things to make people’s lives a little better. And the Belton family is forever grateful for their Christmas miracle. You can watch a news report about this heartwarming story below.
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