Wife Discovers Her Husband’s Secret Lover And Sends Her A Hilarious Thank You Letter

When we find ourselves in the middle of a romantic relationship we want everything to be smooth sailing. We know that there are going to be issues that come up every once in a while and that we try our best to stick with our significant other through thick and thin. On occasion, we may find that a mate is being unfaithful and that is one of the more difficult situations that we may have to deal with. It can be devastating to the innocent spouse and can cause everything from depression to low self-esteem and trust issues.

Marriage is a matter of trust and when you deny that trust, it can be difficult to gain it back again. Perhaps that is why it is not surprising that people have such strong reactions when they find out that there is some cheating going on behind the scenes. It tends to drive them crazy and they can even get violent, regardless of whether they are prone to violence or not. Sometimes, however, they do something that teaches the cheater and everyone else a lesson.

Melanie began writing a letter thanking the mistress for saving her and her kids from such a horrible man. She posted it on Facebook.

She then let the mistress know that there would be certain rules that would need to be followed. She calls her husband a ‘prize’ and then lets the mistress know that the money is hers.

Clothing will also need to be purchased because his magically disappeared into a ‘massive black hole’ when she saw the love bites.

This is when things get interesting. She said that her husband will have limited contact with the children, and the mistress will have no contact.

By now, we’re sure that the mistress is wondering what she was thinking about in the first place. Suddenly, the man was being outlined in a way that she had not considered.

She put a lot of thought into her letter and you can feel how much shame the mistress would experience when reading it.

When somebody does something wrong it can be difficult to deal with it.

She may have had some regrets before reading this but now you know she does.