Wife Issues Grave Warning Online After Her Husband Dies From Energy Drink

At the start of every new year, millions of Americans hit the gym to whip themselves into better shape. In fact, losing weight eating healthier foods, and exercising are among some of the top New Year’s resolutions that most people make. 

And many of then even stick to it, if only for a little while. Of course, one of the biggest challenges for anyone starting to work out is maintaining energy. It’s just a fact of life, that when you step out of your comfort zone and start exercising, you’re going to get tired quickly and feel like death the next day as your muscles feel sore. This is when finding the energy just to get out of bed can become a problem. However, some of the concoctions you may consume for extra energy could be putting your health in serious jeopardy. That was the case with one man who died because of an energy drink.

 John Reynolds was only 41 years old when he died from complications after going into cardiac arrest shortly after consuming an energy drink. However, John wasn’t a man that was hitting the gym for the first time in years. Doctors noted that he had a very strong heart and that he worked out regularly.

 His wife, Cassondra, is now online advocating that people beware of energy drinks and she warns that what happened to her husband could happen to anyone. In fact, the doctors told her that only one or two energy drinks every day could be enough to have a detrimental effect on someone’s heart.

 Daphne Buxman-Carley is someone who also understands the dangers of energy drinks firsthand. Her husband, Kevin Carley, collapsed on the treadmill at his gym and had to be placed in a medically-induced coma.

 It started out like any other day for Kevin, but on that occasion, he decided to have a pre-workout drink before heading off to the YMCA to exercise. Unfortunately, after only a few minutes of running on the treadmill, Kevin went into cardiac arrest.

 We are happy to report that Kevin survived his ordeal, but as we now know, that isn’t always the case.

"I just want people to understand that it can very very easily happen to them,” Cassondra Reynolds said through her tears.

Most people have no idea what ingredients are in the energy drinks and other pre-workout drinks they consume. Hopefully, these stories will serve as cautionary tales for anyone thinking of consuming these drinks. What are your thoughts on this story? Do you or someone you know have any bad experiences with energy or pre-work drinks? Let us know in the comments section below and be sure to share this potentially life-saving information with your friends and family.