Wife Texts Deployed Husband About Premature Twins, Unbeknownst To Her He’s Standing Behind Her

Cydney , the wife of a military man, endured 33 weeks of pregnancy while her husband, Skyler, fought overseas. For the duration of Cydney’s pregnancy, Skyler was deployed in Kuwait. Though Cydney had been pregnant twice before, it was exponentially harder without the support of her doting hubby.

 During her third trimester, Cydney came down with the flu. As a result, she was forced into early labor. At only 33 weeks, Cydney gave birth to two twin girls. Though Emma and Kyla came into the world far sooner than expected, doctors were taking excellent care of them in NICU. Unfortunately, Skyler wasn’t there to witness the birth since his babies came seven weeks early. Cydney was able to update him via Skype chats, pictures, and texts. 

 What Cydney didn’t know was that Skyler hatched a plan to surprise her in the hospital. After nearly two weeks in NICU, Cydney was stunned to see Skyler walk through the hospital doors. Skyler was particularly clever by asking his wife for updates that day in hopes of throwing her off the scent. Given her emotional reaction, Sydney was undoubtedly taken by surprise. Overcome with joy and relief, Cydney and Skyler held each other in a warm embrace. The reunion was caught on camera, and it’s a tearjerker, no doubt.