Wife Wants To Save Other Lives After Her Husband Died From A Common Bug Bite

Of all the dangerous things to be worried about, catching deadly diseases from insect bites tends to be something of least concern.Unfortunately, as anyone familiar with malaria or dengue knows, tiny insect bites can be the source of some of the most terrible diseases on the planet.

 These bites have unfortunately resulted in far too many horror stories. One of these horror stories belongs to Chrissy Naticchia’s husband, who now has to endure the loss of her husband. Her husband had gotten an insect bite, but it was such an insignificant thing that Chrissy didn’t even know when he had gotten bitten. She would, however, remember what happened next in detail. Soon her husband felt unwell and started displaying strange signs and symptoms, including a severe fever.
It got to the point where he would have to change his clothes and the bedsheet because he was sweating so much. Chrissy recalls being concerned, as she had never seen him sick before. In her worry she brought her husband to the hospital.

 The doctors were initially unhelpful, as they could not figure out what the problem was. All they gave him was some medication to reduce his fever, which helped with the sweating but did nothing else. Seeing her husband’s condition rapidly worsen before her eyes, Chrissy opted to take her husband to the hospital once more. In Urgent Care they seemed to have figured out the source of his illness – according to tests, he had a dangerous infection in his kidney.

Chrissy’s husband was prescribed some antibiotics accordingly. Sadly, this did not seem to resolve the issue, as his health continued spiralling downwards. In spite of his physical condition, her husband continued to stay strong and even opted to continue going to work. It soon all came to a head when his illness became incredibly severe one day, forcing him to leave work and hurry to the emergency room. As it turned out, instead of recovering, the strange illness had grown progressively worse. 12 hours after he was initially admitted, Chrissy’s husband was put on a ventilator.
 Unable to determine any other information aside from the fact that his liver and kidneys were shutting down, the hospital was forced to send him to specialists.

It was there that his true diagnosis was revealed – a disease called Babesia. Also known as Nuttalia, it is a disease spread by tick bites. Unfortunately for Chrissy’s husband, the illness usually has fatal effects due to how it attacks the red blood cells in the victim’s body. Finally with a proper diagnosis, progress could be made. The couple was initially hopeful, but that hope was short-lived. At 4:30am, Chrissy got a call from the hospital informing her about her husband’s deteriorating condition. Soon, she received a bombshell – her husband had passed away. Filled with frustration and anger at the tick’s bite that took her husband away and left her son fatherless, Chrissy swore to share her story. She hopes that by educating more people about this, fewer tragedies like this will occur.