Witness The Special Moment That Cows Are Set Free After 6 Months Stuck In The Barn

When most of us think about cows, we probably envision a large animal standing in the middle of a field and chewing their cud. Sure, that is one way to look at them but when you see the cows in this video, you may never look at them that way again. After all, these cows have been stuck in a barn for 6 months. They live in a part of the world where it gets very cold, so it was for their own good. Once the weather got warmer, however, they were set loose and we get to witness the event on video. If you have ever lived in a cold part of the world, you realize what it is like to get out in the spring weather. We try to take advantage of every warm moment but eventually, we know we must head ‘back in the barn’ again. In the Netherlands, it is very cold and if they were to be left outside in the weather, it would probably cost them their health and their life. That being said, life in a barn is no picnic, so we see why they are so excited to get outside again. Springtime is a great time of the year in Holland. That is true for humans, as well as for the animals. The cows know what is waiting for them on the other side of the barn door and they can’t wait to get outside. The event is so spectacular that people even come to watch. Typically, the event happens in April on the weekend. People come to watch the cows being set free from their winter captivity.
You can see the people are kept safe in the video. They are all standing behind a rope. It’s a good thing, too, because the cows can not contain their excitement when they are released. It is something that is sure to touch your heart and you can see it in this video: