Woman Called “Sidewalk Susan” Sprays Off Child’s Chalk Art As She Breaks Down In Tears

When you walk down the street and see cute chalk squiggles on the sidewalk, it is sure to bring a smile on your face. But have you ever felt the urge to spray the chalk art away even as the artist, a toddler, watches on? You might be thinking, that’s just cruel, who would do that? The answer is this “Sidewalk Susan.” A video was shared on Reddit under the Entitled B**** subreddit, titled, “A Karen at her finest destroying a child’s chalk work.” The video shows your average old white woman, with the signature Karen hair, tracksuit, playing the victim card as she callously sprays down a little girl’s chalk art even as the kid stands there crying. The video starts off with a shot of the tearstained face of the little girl. It’s presumably being shot by the girl’s mother who then turns to the old woman spraying off the chalk drawings and asks her, “I hope you’re proud of yourself.” In response, the other woman justifies her unexplainable cruel behavior by stating that the drawings would be wiped off when it rained anyway. It sure looked like she was trying to say she was doing god’s work by taking the time and effort to hose down the chalk art. The mother retorted to her logic by saying, “So when it rains it rains.” Indeed.
The mean woman then said, “We don’t want to have to look down at this mess.” Unsure who “we” are in the situation since it is one woman ruining a child’s day, but there was a very simple solution “they” could have used instead of going through so much trouble to be a jerk. “Then don’t look at the mess,” the mother replied to the woman. “We live here,” she said in return as if she lived in the parking lot where the little girl was drawing. To be certain it was not the lady’s private property that the child was trespassing and vandalizing. She did not even have the thoughtfulness to let the girl leave before spraying off her hard-work. The video made it’s way to Twitter where the user, tash.0 christened the lady “Sidewalk Susan” the Karens of sidewalks. A Reddit user also posted a little more backstory to the events happening in the video on Imgur, via screenshots of the mother explaining how they have been targeted by this lady in previous instances as well. The mother wrote in the comments that the same lady did not bother another kid drawing with chalk, in the same place, just the day before she did it to her daughter. She even yelled at her daughter again to “shut up” when she was playing outside. Sidewalk Susan then took it on herself to ban kids from using the parking lot and left notices on the doors of everyone from that community. User The_Biggest_Pickle, wrote, Seriously, another kid went out and played with chalk and he didn’t get the same treatment? The womans yelling at the daughter to shut up? I can’t imagine how mad the mom is. Plus it shows why shes recording. Woman’s been f***ng with them for a while, and she wanted proof her and her children were being harassed. If I lived nearby and there wasn’t a pandemic I would crowdsource a group of people to come do the entire parking lot at like 5 in the morning. F** this woman. Many Redditors were up for covering the parking lot with chalk in support of the little kid and for Susan to hose off. Another user, dfslkjbnltalrvlxdguh commented, It’ll be racism. I bet you. The question that the woman could have had racist motivations for acting the way she did was raised by Redditors as well. The girl looks biracial… could the old woman have something against this family in particular? wrote user, SnollyG.