Woman Left Scarred After Beauty Treatment Fails Miserably

When it comes to physical beauty, it truly is only skin deep. Looking at the world around us, we are expected to keep a certain standard, and has even gotten worse since the Internet came around. It is not enough that we used to have to see the ideal of the perfect person in movies or on the magazine shelf, we now have to see them on Instagram every day of our life. In order to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak, many women are willing to go through cosmetic procedures that are downright dangerous. That includes what this woman in the UK went through and she learned a very hard lesson. Jayne Bowman is 59 years old and she paid close to $700 to have a procedure known as a fibroblast. She wanted to have the skin on her neck tightened but the beauty treatment didn’t turn out as it should. She ended up with a lot of scars and red blotches that were completely visible. Because of the situation, she doesn’t even want to leave the house! “I don’t go out without a scarf on. In fact I don’t like going out at all, I’d rather go out in the rain where I’ve got a hood up and nobody can see me,” she explains. “I’m not slating all beauticians because they’re not all the same, but there are many of them out there that are bad. Stick to professional people.” She regrets the fact that she had the treatment done. Now she wants other women to know that the situation happened that it could very well happen to them. Plasma fibroblast therapy is a type of beauty treatment that targets the cells of the skin that lead to tightening, healing, and elasticity. The high-frequency electrical current is discharged into the skin and it causes tiny holes to form. When they heal, and if it heals correctly, it can tighten the skin and have the desired effect. Unfortunately, there are many people who give this treatment without all of the right credentials. If you’re going to have it, it is very important for you to go to someone who is accredited and very skilled. “I’ve seen people who have gone blind, I’ve seen people who are permanently disfigured. There was one young lady who I spoke to where the actual end of her nose had dropped off,” says Welsh Labour MP Carolyn Harris, the Co Chair of APPG on Beauty, Aesthetics and Wellbeing. “We need to make sure that when somebody is having a procedure, there is a medically trained person in the building.” Now they are trying to regulate beauty treatments and restrict those who are giving them. Unqualified individuals could certainly cause a lot of pain and heartache. According to Jeremy Isaac, a qualified cosmetic doctor: “To poke a needle into somebody’s face you need specific, underpinning knowledge, qualifications, regulations and to be accountable. The marketplace is full of unregulated, unqualified, unaccountable, non-medical professionals. There should be a mandatory qualification that everyone who practices cosmetic medicine should have to differentiate themselves from the lay person.”