Woman Sees A ‘Pathway To Heaven’ In A Picture Taken At Fatal Crash Scene

When we experience a great loss, we will often look for any sign that things are not as bad as they seem. That is especially true when we lose a loved one in death. It just seems as if all hope is lost at that time. It was something that was experienced by a family in Gainesville, GA when 3 people died in a car accident. Two mothers and one little baby girl died that day and the entire family was devastated by what happened. There was also a picture that was taken of the accident by a woman passing by on her way to work. In the image is a beam of light traveling upward and some people believe it was a ‘pathway to heaven’. It happened when Hannah Simmons and Lauren Buteau, both friends in their 20’s were driving Hannah’s daughter for a checkup. For some reason or another, Hannah lost control of the vehicle and collided with a truck head-on. The truck driver was not injured but both women and the baby were killed in the accident. Hannah was also pregnant at the time. While this was happening, a young woman named Anisa Gannon was driving to work. When she was stopped in traffic that day, she decided to take a picture and send it to her employer. She didn’t pay much attention to the picture at first but when her aunt saw it, she noticed the beam of light coming out of the wreck. She thought it might be a comfort to those who lose loved ones that day. She tracked them down to give them the picture. Tara wanted the family members to have peace since they had such a significant loss. She knew it wouldn’t make the pain disappear but she was hoping it would help in some way or another. Many of them expressed their appreciation for having the picture. In many cases, it proved to be a source of comfort and peace to them.