Woman Tells Husband In The Delivery Room: ‘Save Me And Not The Baby’

From the moment that we hear we are going to have a baby, our lives change and they will never be the same. We begin planning for the arrival right away so that, by the time they do arrive, we are ready. There is also a lot of uncertainty that goes along with pregnancy and we can’t always expect everything to go perfectly. Sometimes, we have a lot of stress along the way and it can get the better of us if we aren’t careful. It seems that is what happened to one woman who was so distraught that she asked her husband to save her life and not the baby’s life if it came down to one or the other. She went on Redditt to get some confirmation of her feelings after her friend reacted negatively to her statement. Although we can’t verify the truthfulness of this post, we can say that it caused quite a stir among those who read and responded. Some were angry with her decision and others were understanding or perhaps even empathetic.