Woman Tired Of Thin Hair Is Now Glowing

Did you ever feel as if you wanted to change? Most of us have found ourselves in that situation but not all of us go through with making the change that we desire. It can sometimes be overwhelming when we think about all of the things that must take place in order for us to do something different with our lives. When you are able to do it in the right direction, however, it can leave you feeling wonderful and ready to take on the world. That is what this woman shared with her story and it is sure to inspire you. Dawn was looking for a new job and she ended up finding one in the airline industry. She also knew that she would now be coming face-to-face with people on a daily basis and she wasn’t looking forward to it. Her hair was thinning and she was concerned over her looks. She thought about getting a makeover but like many people, she had her doubts. Rather than letting them stop her from doing it, she moved forward with it and was thrilled with the outcome. Dawn was from Seattle and she was just looking for a new hairstyle. After doing some research online, she found the Makeover Guys YouTube channel. He gave her the inspiration that she needed to get a haircut. It’d taken a long time to grow so it was a big change to cut it short. She had full, curly and beautiful hair when she was younger but now that she was in her 40s, her hair had lost a lot of its luster. She knew that she was going to be running into people in a plane constantly and traveling so she didn’t just want to tie her hair in a bun.
Dawn was looking for a different job. She had an interest in being a flight attendant and since she would be dealing with so many people every day, she wanted to get a haircut and get some confidence at the same time. The subscribers of the YouTube channel picked out the new look. She was going to get her hair cut short and curly and was going after an entirely new look. She was a little concerned but still wanted the new style. When they spun her around to look in the mirror, she was nervous about what she would see. When she actually saw herself, however, she knew that she had made the right choice. You can see the before and after in this video: