Woman Turns After Cop Taps Her On The Shoulder In Donut Shop, And Gets A Sweet Serenade

here’s a crazy new thing happening around different parts of the country, where police officers are taking part in something known as the lip-sync challenge. The contest was started by one police department, and after calling out another department, it spread like wildfire. And while there have been many awesome videos, the one put out by the Sherman Police Department of Texas may be the best of the bunch. Some of the different acts that we’ve seen so far in this challenge were performed by songs such as “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” and “Uptown Funk.” While there’s a lot of talent in those videos, the Sherman Police Department decided to go old school. They decided to bring a classic movie scene into their video, but it doesn’t take place in a bar, but rather a donut shop! Yes, you can insert whatever joke you’d like here. The scene takes place at the Hot N Creamy Donuts shop, and it seems as if every cop in the city congregates there to grab a snack. The whole store is full of police officers from the Sherman department, but one civilian lady comes up to counter to place an order. Next, we see four officers sitting at a table talking about the lip-sync challenge and what they should do. That’s when one officer gets an idea.
Suddenly, the officer looks across to the lady standing at the countertop. He turns back to his colleagues and says, “Wow. Hey, look at that…she’s lost that lovin’ feeling.” One of the other officers tries to talk him out of it, but it’s too late. He heads over to the counter and taps the lady on her shoulder. When she turns around, that’s when things get wacky.
I should also point out that one of the first things I noticed was the fact that this donut shop apparently sells buttermilk drops, my all-time absolute favorite! Rest in peace Mckenzies Bakery.
While the lip-synching alone is hilarious, what puts this video over the top is the fact he uses a donut as a microphone! The officer starts lip-synching to “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” in the style of Tom Cruise from Top Gun. But it wasn’t long before all the other officers join in and the entire restaurant’s full of police officers lip-synching to the song. It’s definitely something you would have to see to believe!